This Week’s Cures for Electric Ailments With Prompt Doctor Electric Services

In the blazing heat of the summer sun, people usually choose to stay indoors. You’re either watching a television show, playing on the computer, or running appliances like vacuum cleaner and laundry. All this is one while turning the air conditioning to the coolest temperatures possible. Everyone has their own comfort zone in their home.

Electricity is a basic need that is especially a must-have during summer time. But, how can you comfortably stay in your homes when your electrical connections are not functioning well?

Take a look at how Doctor Electric helped homeowners with their electric ailments this week. You might find yourself wanting to have your electric connections checked as soon as possible by the capable electricians of Doctor Electric.

The Highly-Trained Electric Team On the Move in the Greater Rochester Area

Do you know what separates Doctor Electric from the rest and why we are the best in our field? The answer is our never-ending dedication to provide the highest quality of electric services through state-of-the-art tools and equipment for our forever valued clients.

With years of experience, Doctor Electric’s team of expert electricians can quickly diagnose and fix common electrical problems. For more complex issues, we help clients choose the best option from our wide range of top-quality offers. Here’s our team on the go this week.

This is Tom, one of our highly-trained electricians. In this photo, he is testing a circuit in the panel box to initially assess the range of the problem. Checking the circuits helps our electricians diagnose any electrical problems happening as well as the affected parts of your homes.

Like switches in lightings, circuit breakers serve as the on and off button of the whole electric current flowing inside your house. So when one home is experiencing electrical problems, the first spot to check is the circuit breakers.

Matt, the owner of Doctor Electric on the right, was going over a kitchen schematics and blueprints with a contractor. The changes done in this building resulted in the need for rewiring. And Doctor Electric has just the team for the job!

And here’s Dan, the newest addition to the team. He takes care of basic things such as replacing receptacles. With more experience, he’ll be handling bigger projects in the future. Because we aim for high-quality service, we ensure that the members of our team are always prepared and equipped with the essential skills to handle any home’s electrical problems.

In this project, we were asked to replace all the devices in our client’s home, receptacles included. This photo with Dan was taken at our client’ s attic.

Outdated, Messy, and Troublesome Systems? Doctor Electric Has Your Back!

People actively find ways to improve old and unsafe machinery with more modern and safer tech. Over the years, the machinery used to regulate the flow of electricity in our homes has also evolved.

Pictured above is the “before” picture in one client’s basement. Our client had a very old, messy, and deteriorated fuse system. Fuse systems are outdated because of the limited amperes they can handle depending on how they are rated. This system caused a lot of interruptions in power usage for our client. There was a constant need to buy replacement fuses whenever one got busted.

It took a team of two technicians six hours to complete this project. And here’s how it looks after! Now our client will no longer have to replace fuses. Why? Because circuit breakers can be reset after they trip. And the best part? Minimal power interruption! Our client is definitely happy about this.

Your Safety is Our Number One Priority!

As scary as it may sound, we always have to keep in mind that faulty wiring can lead to accidents. Exposed wires may go unnoticed until something bad happens. Once nicely arranged wirings may get dislocated and become exposed, posing an immediate threat to homeowners.

Take a look at this 240-volt circuit that was laying unsafely on the floor of our client’s laundry room. What makes this unsafe? Just think about the lethal combination of an exposed circuit and water splashing from the washing machine! Scary? We certainly think so.

The team got right to work and brought the circuit up off the ground, covered it, and secured it. We had one technician take care of this project successfully. Now, her laundry room is back to being a safe place for washing, drying, and ironing her clothes.

Why Choose Doctor Electric to Cure Your Electric Ailments?

We are master electricians that focus on residential electric services while understanding the fine details that you and your family appreciate. These details may include the joy of having a real person picking the phone up whenever you call and showing up neat, clean, and ready to fix your electrical related problems. Your home is your biggest investment, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your mind, heart, and pocket is at ease.

Does your home need electrical attention from our experts? Call us now at 585-206-8745 and we will be happy to help you!

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