Why Install Surge Protection?

Surge protection is something every home should have as a safeguard against damage to appliances and electronics. The fact is that the electricity passing through a home is not always constant. It can go up and down due to power outages, downed lines, or shifts in demand.

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Electrical Repairs: Don’t “Do-It-Yourself”

There are some home repairs and projects that you simply can’t do on your own. Of course, the DIY movement is rapidly growing, and it’s not surprising. DIY projects are satisfying, fun, and you can get some excellent results without having to pay for a contractor.

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How to Pick a Generator for Your Home

Generators are your go-to solution during power interruptions. Not having enough electricity will make it hard for your household to function normally, so it’s important that you choose a generator that is most compatible for your home and your energy requirements.

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Ceiling Fans 101

Electric fans suspended from the ceiling are a popular way to add comfort to any room. Unlike air conditioners, they do not change air temperature; instead, they circulate air.

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